Responsive building maintenance solutions

Our building maintenance solutions range from planned works to emergency call-outs on any type of building. And because we’ve carefully selected a highly capable team of suppliers we can mobilise quickly, anywhere in the UK.

Every eventuality covered


Our general maintenance division can look after and maintain your property. Anything from emergency call-outs to regular and planned visits. From a simple self installation to a full refurbishment programme and anything in between.

Spanning all industry sectors and working on any type of building, Hubba have a solution for any eventuality.h


Whether you need electrical testing and inspections, repair works or installations, our team of experienced electricians have got you covered.

Be safe, be fully compliant and speak to hubba to see how we can help you.


Our plumbing services include general maintenance, fault finding, system replacement, and emergency call out and repairs.

We work with pubs, restaurants, food outlets, all kinds of shops, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, large and small. If you need a simple, no fuss solution, get in touch.


The continual use of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems means they need to be maintained regularly and fixed quickly if a fault develops. Our teams of engineers can do that for you so you don’t have to.

From periodic maintenance plans to full installations, we are here to help.


Issues with your drains? From unblocking toilets, sinks and drain runs to CCTV inspection, jetting and repairs. hubba covers any eventuality.

We’ll take the hassle out of these repairs and deliver a timely and cost effective result.  


Our Fire Protection services include risk assessments, alarm testing, fire extinguisher checks, and sprinkler system maintenance.

We can put in a place a simple, cost effective and fully compliant programme to keep you safe.

Simplify your supply chain and lower costs. Get in touch to find out more.