Hubba offers a complete business waste collection service. This includes:

• Non Recyclable Waste  •  Dry Mixed Recycling  •  Glass Collections  • Hire of Compactors and Balers •
•  Composting and Food Waste collections  •  Confidential Shredding and Data Destruction  •

Our waste management experts will work out how many bins you need,
what sizes they need to be, and how often they need emptying... all for the best price.

Get in touch to find out how much we could save your business.

Single Stream Recycle

We are actively seeking small and large scale single stream recycling contracts of wood, plastic, metal, oil, paper, card and food.

Through our 'resource not waste' approach we can reduce or eliminate your landfill tax liability and deliver significant savings to remove these resources form your premises.

Hubba Bin Products

Hubba-Bin Recycling Solution

Not only is the Hubba-Bin 100% recycled plastic, it's also the first bin in the world to be made from recycled UK post-consumer plastic! An unprecedented environmental credential.


We believe that as a manufacturer we are responsible for doing our best to make our products as sustainable as possible. When designing, we comprehensively evaluate the environmental impact of the products in their full lifecycle in manufacture, delivery, service and most importantly, end of life recycling. As we evolve as a company, and as technology evolves, we can further improve the sustainability of our products and operations.

Wall thickness

2.5mm makes the Hubba-Bin one of the thickest bins on the market.

Tall design

Maximum visibility prevents the user from bending down.

Sloping lid

Visible from a distance and prevents stray items being left on the lid.

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