Thomas Anderson, CEO, Doughnut Time
“Since signing up with hubba, we have saved 25% a month on our rubbish collection. We chose them because of the savings they have made us as well as their great customer service. They are not a large faceless corporation, so we always get a personal service from them.”

By switching their waste management contract to hubba, Doughnut Time has saved £5000 a year. One of the ways we have kept costs down for this popular doughnut brand is by not charging excess weight for rubbish. We handle in excess of 100 tons of rubbish a year from Doughnut Time, providing them with two 6.1M FEL bins for general and recycling waste. We collect their general waste twice a week and recyclable waste once a month.
All paper and cardboard are cleaned, dried and pressed into more paper and cardboard, and general waste is sorted, cleaned and sent off for remanufacturing. Everything that can’t be remanufactured is pumped back into the national grid to produce energy for homes and businesses, so none of it goes to landfill. Not only do we provide cheaper and greener solutions, but we also provide a personal customer service providing bespoke solutions for all of our customers.

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