Ideal for disposing of household or commercial waste at building sites,

homes or offices. Enclosed and lockable options are available.

We deliver 4, 6, 8, 12 & 16yard open & enclosed skips​

Delivered in all containers & lorriesW


4 yard

X 52

Capacity: 3.04m3

Height: 0.972m

Length: 1.83m

Width: 1.29m

6 yard

X 80

Capacity: 4.6m3

Height: 1.22m

Length: 2.6m

Width: 1.52m

8 yard

X 105

Capacity: 6.1m3

Height: 1.22m

Length: 3.66m

Width: 1.68m

12 yard

X 120

Capacity: 10.7m3

Height: 1.72m

Length: 3.8m

Width: 1.8m

16 yard

X 210

Capacity: 12.2m3

Height: 2m

Length: 4.2m

Width: 1.84m

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