Why work with Hubba?

Here's why... Hubba is a leading waste management solution provider. We see waste as a resource, and treat it that way.

Through our carefully selected network of partner suppliers, we offer a complete waste management solution for domestic and business customers. We look at the waste industry a bit differently. To us, virtually all waste has a value: it can be recycled, reused, resold, or turned into energy.

Our 'resource not waste' approach is fundamental to our business model, helping to deliver best value to our customers whilst protecting the environment. We excel at customer service and will find the right supplier to suit your needs at the best price.

Cost Effective Waste 

We’ll save you money. Through our preferred network of fully licensed, audited and approved suppliers you’ll have access to thousands of specialist providers delivering the best possible value throughout the UK.

Free Waste  

We provide free waste management audits to identify the most cost effective solutions for your business, and to improve your environmental performance by recovering value and energy from your waste, and in turn helping reduce your landfill tax liability.

Responsible Waste 

We operate a 100% avoidance from landfill policy. Divert waste from landfill and turn it into a resource to show your customers that you take a responsible approach to waste management.

Complete Waste 

We deal with all waste streams across domestic and all business sectors, anywhere in the UK, 365 days a year.

With Hubba you’ll also get:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • One point of contact for all your requests
  • One invoice covering all of your waste management services
  • Monthly certificates of destruction
  • Security vetted drivers
  • ISO certified processes
  • Annual recycling reports – 100% of the paperwork we shred is recycled
  • Credit accounts for businesses customers * terms and conditions apply

Want to speak to one of our waste experts?

Call: 0118 902 6930 or email: info@hubbauk.com